Asphalt pavement gives you the ability to enjoy a smooth ride, whether you are driving to the grocery store or across the state. The perfect pavement should be free of cracks, potholes and rutting that can alter your ability to drive and park safely. With proper care, the majority of paved surfaces can last for years, but some patchwork is inevitable. Knowing the different patching methods that we use for asphalt repair helps you understand the scope of your project.

What Are the Differences Between Patching Methods?

The most obvious difference between the different parking lot patching options is the depth. A surface patch stays right on top, and it’s sometimes referred to as a skin patch considering how it works a lot like an adhesive bandage that covers a wound. Partial depth patches go quite a few inches below the surface, which is necessary for fixing deeper cracks and damage. If we call for a full-depth patch, then we’ll need to go all the way to the base layers.

When Does Asphalt Repair Turn Into Paving?

Asphalt patching typically doesn’t involve any millwork or resurfacing. With patching, a contractor will section off the portion of the pavement that needs repairs. An asphalt patch can be quite extensive, but the process won’t involve completely changing the entire surface of the pavement. Overlays can sometimes seem like paving repairs because they don’t require working all the way through to the base layers. However, the scope of resurfacing usually results in what we consider a paving project.

Are Certain Types of Asphalt Repair Better Than Others?

When it comes to parking lot repair, the best patching method is the one that corrects the damage while providing long-lasting results. Surface patching doesn’t last as long as the other methods, but it works well when you need to fix the problem fast and minimize downtime on the property. A full-depth patch can last for years, and it has the best chance of correcting the underlying reasons for why the asphalt began to break down. With Orlando asphalt repair, we often run into issues with the foundation from poor drainage or improperly performed compaction. Going all the way down to fix these problems can stop cracks from happening again.

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